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Athletics Development Frontier has been up and running for the past two months and so far the site is gaining steady readership. During this time, we have been seeking feedback on how to make the site more managable and practical for users who seek to apply the knowledge in the workplace.

Through the help of professionals, we have restructured our new categories to aid in the ability to navigate the site. The new names, found on the right side column, should give greater detail to the content located under each.

Additionally, there is a Tag Cloud located underneath the categories. Tags are essentially one or two words that the article addresses in some manner. The larger the text of the tag, the more articles there are detailing that topic.

In the coming weeks, we plan on continuing developing our content through new posts on professional development books, interviews with industry professionals and reports on current practices of the industry.

If there are any more suggestions for navigation, application, and content that would be relevant, please feel free to contact us at developmentfrontier@gmail.com.


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