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The Syracuse Orange Club has partnered up with Burdick Lexus for a uniqie sponsorship.

The Syracuse Orange Club has partnered up with Burdick Lexus for a uniqie sponsorship.

The Syracuse Orange Club has partnered with a local Lexus dealership to sponsor its pre-game tent for football games this football season. The Burdick Lexus Orange Club Tent deal was created by Syracuse ISP and allows Lexus to reach a target customer group in its market. The tent, which is located in the Football Family Fun Zone on the University Quad, is open before every Syracuse home game. Orange Club members are given the opportunity to test drive a Lexus and be entered for a chance to win an Orange Fan Package or a Carrier Dome sideline experience by entering the tent.

This is an example of an athletics sponsorship arm teaming up with its development department on a sponsorship partnership. The alliance between the two revenue generating groups in the athletics department benefits both sponsors and donors. Burdick Lexus, already a major supporter of the Orange Club, gets the opportunity to more actively promote its support of the group on game days. By naming the tent, the sponsor can gather key demographic information about an important customer group in the Syracuse market. It simultaneously provides Orange Club members to test drive a car, including the opportunity to be rewarded with unique Syracuse athletics opportunities.

Many other schools could reach a similar partnership with its sponsorship sales team and fundraising department. By allowing exclusive access to the donors through sponsorship of their hospitality tent, the corporations are gaining exposure to an affluent demographic, while donors receive special opportunities for being a part of the fundraising annual giving club.


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su logoAt Syracuse University, a strong relationship between the Syracuse Football Club (SFC, football alumni booster club) and the Athletics Department is leading to large donations and an energized fan base. This year, the SFC is helping Syracuse football in all-new ways, and it started with their first home football game this year.

In the season opener against Minnesota, the SFC contributed to the Orange with several initiatives. For the game, the SFC pledged $1 to Syracuse Football for every ticket sold. With an announced attendance over 48,000, the gift was quite substantial. In addition, the SFC sold Orange t-shirts ($3 or $5 for two) before the game in an effort to fill the Carrier Dome with Orange pride.

The SFC also runs a 50/50 raffle for each game, also with a portion of proceeds benefiting Orange football. In all, the football alumni group supports the program through monetary support and building pride among current students and other fans of Syracuse Athletics.

In this instance, there is a clear example of how a non-university fundraising group can work in conjunction with an athletics department to support student-athletes. In an era where athletics departments and external booster clubs are occasionally at odds, the SFC and Syracuse University seem to have an outstanding relationship. Check out the SFC website for their mission, other initiatives, and special programs that they run on the behalf of Syracuse Athletics.

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Louisville is but one university that uses a football kick-off event to stir excitement for their fall sports.

Louisville is but one university that uses a football kick-off event to stir excitement for their fall sports.

Many universities are searching for new ways to create demand and excitement for their upcoming football seasons in an economy when sales are not guaranteed. One such way is a fall kickoff event to attract people to campus and excite the donor base that has been anticipating football season for several months. The following are examples of events that have been carried on for many years as well as first-time efforts.

University of Louisville: For the first time ever, the Cardinal Fan Fest will grace Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. Featuring a two-hour practice for fans to enjoy, the event will also have food and drink specials, games for children, autograph sessions from other fall sports athletes, and free sports posters. In addition, the head football coach, Steve Kragthorpe, will conduct a 45-minute autograph session after the practice.

University of North Carolina: “Meet The Heels” is coming on August 22, and will feature inflatable games for children, trading cards, posters, schedules and an autograph session with the football players. Free parking and open concession stands are a feature of this event.

University of Washington: “Raise the Woof!” This first time event allows fans and donors to meet the players of the UW team during a on-field BBQ celebration that will also feature the band and cheer teams. Beer and wine will be provided, as well as one student-athlete or coach per table. Registration for their event is a must and runs for $55 for an adult, or $450 for a table of nine.

Syracuse University: The annual Orange Fanfest will take place on August 14th and allows attendees to participate in a number of games and contests following a football practice. Special retail and ticket purchasing options will be available at this event, and many benefits for kids makes the event extremely fan friendly.

Several other universities hold similar events that are designed to boost the excitement for the upcoming football seasons. Whether the event is free or requires advanced registration, the theme of the event should revolve around interaction with the players and coaches as well as free/cheap bonuses that send attendees away happy.

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The "Melo" Center is scheduled to be completed for this upcoming basketball.

The "Melo" Center is scheduled to be completed for this upcoming basketball season.

Earlier this year, we posted on former student-athletes giving back to their institutions. For the most part, these examples were of players who spent a long time at the school, allowing for a bond to occur with the campus.

Carmelo Anthony, a “one-and-done” basketball player who led Syracuse University to the 2003 NCAA National Championship, has given back a tremendous amount regardless of the time spent on campus. Anthony made a $3 million gift back in 2007 to name a new basketball practice facility.

One interesting quote regarding this story comes from Anthony, when he comments on who asked him for the donation. It wasn’t Director of Athletics Daryl Gross or Head Coach Jim Boeheim, but Boeheim’s wife, Juli, who asked Anthony. He comments, “When Juli first came to me and said ‘my husband doesn’t really want to ask you, but I’m going to ask you. We’re trying to build a facility and do you want to be a part of it?’ I said ‘yes’. Then, she broke it down to me with what was going to be needed…”

This is an excellent example of using the entire program to help cultivate and steward a donor, even to the point of making the ask. Anthony had a great relationship with Boeheim and his wife, and in the end his experience on campus made him willing to give back.

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