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This presentation service can be used for many applications of athletics development.

This presentation service can be used for many applications of athletics development.

Presentations are a typical tool for almost all business situations. Whether it is a board room, an external operations meeting, or a major gifts ask, the presentation is a crucial part of athletics development.

That is where Animoto can come into play. Rather than make a simple PowerPoint presentation that is plain and uneventful, Animoto claims to be the end of all slide shows, making pictures video oriented with narration and editing capabilities.

The applications for this tool for development are many. For one, it could be used to display a new and exciting facility to get the ball rolling on a capital campaign. The photo effects could be utilized as a student-athlete piece to describe the importance of giving back. One could even use it as a way to recap a successful donor event where attendees can remember the special night by viewing the presentation.

Click here to view a quick demonstration video that shows just some of the capability of this tool. Quick and easy to learn, Animoto can be used as a unique presentation avenue to stir the creative juices in development offices around the country.


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logo_niu1This past weekend at the NACDA convention many schools discussed the difficulties they faced with former student-athletes giving back to the program. Many reason were debated, such as a bad experience, their coach getting fired, and feeling as if they had already given back through their athletic careers.

What this boils down to is a need to get creative with the former student-athlete giving programs. Northern Illinois University had done just that with their intiatives to increase former student-athlete involvement in their Varsity Club.

One great idea was sending a Huskie Letter of Intent. This letter, which appealed to the recipient by asking them to sign a “second” letter of intent with the school, recieved their highest response rate of any mail piece for the year. Within the text, there were highlights of the Varsity Club as well as details on the intiatives for greater participation and the importance of giving back.

In addition to the letter, the Varsity Club sponsored several events throughout the year, including the Hall of Fame dinner, senior awards banquets, and other student-athlete ceremonies. This allowed for greater brand awareness from both former and current student-athletes while costing very little money.

These are just some of the great ideas that have enabled Northern Illinois’ Varsity Club grow in both participants and dollars raised. The school has done a good job of laying a foundation for future success in the soliciting of former student-athletes. Click here for more information.

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