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The University of Wisconsin just announced their raffle winners.

The University of Wisconsin just announced their raffle winners.

One way to develop a good rapport with donors and show them some added value is the holding of random drawings for annual fund members. These drawings can be structured around a sport season, an important renewal date, or as a reward for loyalty to the program. Those schools that receive donations based on a yearly giving due date will often use these drawings to encourage donors to give back early in the year.

One great example of this is the University of Wisonsin, which recently announced their raffle winners with a press release on their website. Mentioning the donors by name, the article clearly states that the people won based on their annual fund membership. Prizes include a sideline tour for a non-conference football game, dinners before home hockey games, suite access.

One of the best aspects of these prizes is they are all relatively free for the department and will enhance the experience of the donors. In some ways, it may even entice the recipients to increase their donation in order to receive these benefits on a yearly basis.

With the current economy, it is important to show donors as much value as possible for their donation. Chances are the recipients of these gifts will be very pleased with their decision to support.


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