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Baylor_logoWhen Baylor University wraps its “Victory With Integrity Capital Campaign” at the end of this giving year, it is likely that their goal of $90 million (over five years) will not just be reached, but smashed. The campaign, which has funded facilities, endowments, and the annual fund, will see its goal increased from $90 to $100 million during this home stretch.

Like any university engaging in such a large campaign, Baylor’s staff and coaches have undoubtedly put in the extra effort over the last five years to see their goals reached. However, the annual fund has nearly more than doubled in the past four years (approximately $3 million to well over $6 million), and Baylor’s volunteer program is certainly giving the Bear Foundation the support it needs.

The Bear Foundation volunteers, of which there are around 3000, give their time to reach out to other Baylor alumni and friends for gifts to the athletics department. The volunteer position, complete with a job description, position application, and calendar of events (on the Baylor Fund Drive website), requires participants to renew their annual gift and bring on at least one new member each year.

The Bear Foundation also makes it easy for the volunteers to succeed.  First, there is a phone-a-thon for volunteers to take part in during the fund drive, where they can all reach out to prospective donors in a comfortable setting.  Second, there is a Linked-in group for Baylor volunteers to help them expand their personal contacts and improve their network.  Finally, the Bear Foundation offers fantastic rewards to volunteers, which start with the recruitment of just one new member or $600 new dollars.

The success of Baylor’s campaign, considering the economic troubles of late, can certainly be attributed to the growth of its annual fund through volunteer efforts.  Any university looking for examples on how to invigorate their annual fund should review the practices at Baylor University.


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Seton Hall recently wrapped a campaign that will benefit their entire operation.

Seton Hall wrapped a campaign that will benefit their entire operation.

Seton Hall recently wrapped up an interesting campaign that saw funds raised for all aspects of their athletics operation. The Richie and Sue Regan campaign raised over $6 million for Seton Hall athletics, $1 million more than the stated goal.

While raising that amount of support in this economy is remarkable, the multi-faceted disbursement of the money is unique as well. The funds will go towards many projects, including: a new coaching center to house the athletics coaching staff, renovation of the campus-wide fitness center, upgrades for women’s basketball, field resurfacing, soccer stadium lights, and the university athletics endowment.

The wide scope of this campagin allows for the engagement of many donors whose interests may lie in more than one area. Some may prefer to give to endowments, which will pay dividends for a lifetime. Others may prefer to help their favorite coach or sport. By running a full-department campaign, the development office has the ability to present many opportunities to one donor.

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