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Athletics Development Frontier was created out of the need for an easily accessible, unified destination to discuss, learn and gather information surrounding the practices of athletics development. These vital fundraising arms are crucial to every athletics department across the nation, no matter how big or small the department. This site will seek to enhance the knowledge of all who visit.

The name Athletics Development Frontier describes this mission. While a frontier may describe the outer limit of our knowledge of fundraising, it also encompasses all we currently know. This site will seek to cover the current best practices as well as the innovations occurring throughout the nation on a daily basis.

The site will also dedicate time to the results of these fundraising activities, namely the facilities and success stories created with these funds. This will include updates on current construction, progress of capital campaigns, and the impact these new buildings have on current and future student-athletes. Posts are placed in categories which can be easily accessed in the right side toolbar.

To put it quite simply, this site will cover the innovations, practices and results of athletics development. In the future, posts will cover the aforementioned topics as well as industry news and interviews. Feel free to comment on any post, share your ideas and discuss any methods that will enhance athletics development—after all, the knowledge we can share will only lead to a better experience for all student-athletes.


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