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UW reseating program yields positive results. 


UW reseating program yields positive results.


There are occasional headaches that come with any job, and in athletics development one of the largest is reseating donors. As priority points change and new arenas are built, departments have to spend a considerable amount of time every few years to overhaul their donor seating areas.

At the University of Washington, like many other schools, seats are reallocated based on priority points, giving levels, and other common drivers. According to Ken Winstead, former Associate Athletics Director for Development at UW, the development department at Washington needed a less painful process for both the fans and the staff for reallocating their seats for men’s basketball this year. The result was a plan that allowed UW donors to physically select their own seats.
Prior to the 2008-2009 season, donors and season ticket holders were assigned a time at which they could come to the arena and pick out their seats for the upcoming season. Those who had attained a higher priority in the UW points system were given the first crack at selecting their seats. While some chose seats they had before, others found that they could upgrade their seats to a better location.  
In addition to selecting their own seats, guests were privy to a number of other benefits during the process, such as complimentary refreshments, encounters with UW basketball staff and players, and interaction with other fans. UW athletics, in return, got a host of happy donors and additional interaction with their main fan base.
The process may have taken slightly longer than before when UW allocated the seats themselves, but the outcome was extremely well received from donors and fans. For the full Winstead recap on the UW reseating process, click here.

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